Tuesday, April 23, 2013

International Swimming Pool Designer and Builder

Swimming Pool Design and Construction Plans - What needs to be included in a BASIC set of plans?

Minimum Inclusions:
Scaled Site Plan 
Erosion Control Plan (Storm, Waste Water and Run-off Control Plan - Federal Requirements: http://cfpub.epa.gov/npdes/stormwater/const.cfm )
Grading Plan
Drainage Plan
Soils Report
Structural Engineering
Soils Engineer Approval Letter (review of structural engineering)
Project Layout
Project Cross Sections  (depths, stairs, ramps, etc).
Plumbing Schematics 
Hydraulic Calculations (line sizes, velocities & flow rates) 
Equipment Model and Part Numbers
Lighting Schematics
High Voltage Electrical Schematics (site & equipment pad)
Low Voltage Electrical Schematics (data, automation, temperature sensors, etc). 
Spa Seating Elevations & Jets Layout/Elevations
Design Details (plan & section views)
Equipment Pad/Room Layout (to scale)
Equipment Room Electrical (high & low voltage)
Materials List (major components)
Construction Specifications
Applicable Codes and Standards

Finish Materials (Stone, tile, plaster, stucco, wood, etc.)
Materials Specifications
Installation Mock-ups & Samples
Installation Procedures
Workmanship Standards
Shop Drawings for Custom Fabricated Components
Gray Water Storage and Recycling

Gone are the days when a pool could be built with 2 pages of plans - a site plan and one page of generic mail-order structural engineering. 

Paolo Benedetti 
Aquatic Artist, Watershape Consultant, Expert Witness 
"Creating water as art."™ 
Aquatic Technology Pool and Spa 

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