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Minimum Shotcrete Strengths Pools Watershapes

Shotcrete Strengths for Swimming Pools

The minimum compressive strength for shotcrete (wet mix or dry mix method) shall be 4000 PSI.  The minimum compressive strength of the concrete is fc’=4,000 psi with a maximum water-cementitious material ratio (w/cm) of 0.50.
American Concrete Institute
The American Concrete Institute’s ACI 318-08 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete includes Chapter 4 Durability Requirements. Also contained therein are two applicable tables:
Table 4.2.2 specifies the Requirements for Special Exposure Conditions. 
Table 4.3.1 Requirements for Concrete by Exposure Class defines a Category P1 exposure as concrete “in contact with water where low permeability is required.”   

American Shotcrete Association

The  American Shotcrete Association has also stated that their approved minimum compressive strength shall be 4,000 psi (as stated in the their Position Statement #1).

International Building Code

The IBC also specifies 4000 PSI shotcrete, by making direct reference to the ACI 318 standard.

The IBC (2012) 1910.6 Rebound Removal, also states that all rebound and trimmings shall be removed from the structure.
Therefore, all rebound, trimmings and loose debris shall be removed from the structure and shall not be used in any manner within the structure.

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