Monday, December 23, 2013

Swimming Pool Design

Why you need an expert swimming pool designer...

A swimming pool designer will interview you and determine your needs, your changing lifestyle and your entertainment style.  They will plan and prepare your project for future modifications to accommodate those changes in the project's use.

A designer can offer ideas and options that a salesman simply cannot.  If something is not on a company's menu, a salesman is not going to offer it.  Salesmen that attempt to deliver features that are out of their normal realm, more than likely they will not work properly.  I have seen a vanishing edge promised by salesmen to be a cascading waterfall, become nothing more than a spraying basin overshooting mess.

Money Savings
How can spending money on a swimming pool designer save me money?  Nothing is left for interpretation.  Thorough plans ensure that there is nothing omitted from the bids, that change orders are minimal and that the structural engineer has a clear picture of the intent.

Future modifications in the project, to meet lifestyle or use changes, can be incorporated.  This foresight can literally save you thousands of dollars by not having to rip out prior work that you paid good money for.

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